this book is about a teenage girl thats telling how being a teenager sucks well thats what she thoughtshe had no mother only a over protected father that didnt really let her do anything,she wanted everyhting her sister had. The only thing she had was about two friends at school that wasnt very popular either and she always wrote in her diary wishing about how she wish her life was she was the type of teenager that looked forward to oneday be just like there onlder sibling.She wants to be just like her sister,pretty and had alot of privallages and when she got what she wanted plus her sisters ex boyfriend Bobby she ends up running away with him and realizing that her old life style was better and boys like him dont get her into nothing but trouble,not really popular , didnt have much friends and had baiscually no special privallages at all. and by the end of the book she excepts her life for the way it is even though it wasnt perfect.