Diana,a young adult,she was a beautiful girl that got everything she wanted at times,she had it all ,the perfect boyfriend, popularity, alot of friends, nice lips,white skinned and a nice average body.she was a girl who snuck out at night with a boy or her friends and had her parent worrried but had the little sister that admires her make excuses for her so she wouldnt get into trouble for the times she came in late at night throught her bedroom window.she could have any boy she wanted.made dumb desions at times but never really thought about it she was a smart girl but didnt show it in school and failed alot of her classes.
Narrator,the main chacter, a 14 year old teenage girl that didnt have much friends, at school or on her street,had a sercret diary she wrote in everyday about what she wished her life was like,she didnt really appreciate her body her hair or her life style she wanted to be like her older sister Diana, where the clothes that she wore or even have the boyfriend she had.And when she started to get what she wished for she appriated at first then she wanted her life to go back to her old life. She had one parent and that was her dad beacuse her mom left her,her sister and her dad when she was a little girl.
Bobby, a hansome yound adult, that made bad choices and went out with the to sisters Diana and Her little sister.
father or Diana and the narrator, was a middle aged single father with to teenage daughters who he was very petected over his two children.